I think I might be German....

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Munich, Germany for the Automatica Tradeshow.  I went for the robots, but stayed for the lovely scenery and clear blue skies.  I also lost track of how many times I was asked for directions or asked a question and was surprised they were talking to me and had no idea what they were saying!  I mean it kinda makes sense a tall, white, Mechanical Engineer who loves the outdoors and bikes.....GERMAN. 

In between all the happenings I was able to work on some fillets.   I'm getting the hang of it and slowly starting to figure out my polishing methods.

Not bad for my second Fillet Frame :)

Not bad for my second Fillet Frame :)

That's all for this week, as I'm on the road again in South Korea 

Ride Fast, Ride Farr - Todd