If you really want to know your city, your state, your country and your world - it must be experienced on a bicycle.

The bicycle is a tool, but riding that bike is an idea.  An idea is a thought produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in your mind, and your mind is responsible for enabling you to be aware of your world, your surroundings and ultimately your experiences.  Not only are all of us physically different but our minds, our thoughts and our ideas are different.  The idea of cycling to you may not mean the same to me, to him, to her, or even them.  Cycling is an idea, the idea is yours, and the bicycle is just a tool.  A good tool makes you forget it's even a tool at all.  It becomes and extension of your very physical being at which point your mind can no longer make a distinction between where you end and it begins.  In that instant you are free, your mind is free and your experiences become more than possessions. 

Minds Create, Hands Build

FARR Frameworks is not a business and it is not a person, it is an idea.  It is the idea that you can make cycling whatever you want it to be.  The very moment your feet leave the ground and you are suspended it is freedom, enjoyment, sustainability, transportation, health, sport, competition, lifestyle, and mindset.  To open your mind and explore these ideas, you must have a bicycle that fits you physically AND emotionally.  Tell me, what will we create together?

Ride Fast, Ride FARR

I am Todd Farr, and I’m a degreed Mechanical Engineer looking to inspire people about the idea of cycling.  I want to hear your story.  Explore, Create, Inspire. 

Below is my personal Instagram Feed, it's how I see the world when I'm behind a lens instead of a torch.

What's the story behind the "dots" in the logo?  They represent the hubs of a bicycle.  They are the anchor points of my logo as well as the anchor points of the frame.  The hub location is where the frame connects to the wheel, which in turn connects to the road.

Studio Photography by Jeff Zimmerman