Python Programming Tutorials

Hello, you’ve stumbled upon a “sort of” hidden section of my website. You must be wondering why there are Python Programming tutorials on a Bicycle Frame building website… Well, when I’m not moonlighting tinkering on bikes & physically building things, at my day job I spend a ton of time in Python automating daily tasks & building out team projects. I guess you could say it is another passion of mine and rightly so I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve learned here.

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BASICS: Reading & Showing IMages in Python with OpenCV

OpenCV is the largest & most comprehensive open source computer vision project in the world, and it just so happens to have Python bindings (my personal favorite programming language). In this short blog tutorial we will learn how to read and display images using Python, OpenCV & Matplotlib.


HELLo, WOrld!

It seems a bit strange to find Python Programming Tutorials on a bicycle framebuilding website, but this simple introduction explains why I started adding this content here. In classic programming fashion, it’s just a simple ‘Hello, World’ Python example.


More Coming Soon…

Check back for more content coming soon…