Discounted Lug Vises Available (50% off)

Friends & Framebuiliders, 

In a recent effort to reduce the complexity and cost of my lug vises I simplified the design and reduced the number of machining processes required to make these things.  While I was successful in cost/operation reductions as well as improving a few areas, they didn't turn out as silky smooth (especially the sleeves) as my old design which I plan to return to when these are gone.  That's not to say these aren't functional and wouldn't make a great addition to the toolbox of a lugged frame builder, the larger sleeves (specifically the 1.375") are just a little difficult to open.  That being said, I'm offering up the 15 units I have in stock at a special discounted rate of 50% off ($125.00 + shipping). If you are interested in buying one of these discounted lug vises please get in touch with me through the contact page.   You can see the pictures below:

Happy Building - Todd