Bringheli Mods

It's been a while since my last framebuilding/tooling update.  I'm still plugging along over here working on bike stuff while trying to balance a day job and traveling with my wife.  It's been a fun/fast year and I'm excited for what 2015 will bring.  I'll keep this brief as time is usually in short supply...  The popular Bringheli Mods are coming together, and these should be ready to ship by next week.  Although most are already pre-sold,  I do have a couple extra slots available.  Below is a quick picture of some of the parts straight off the VMC.  They are being finished up at the anodizing company as we speak!  I hope to update this post with finished parts and when everything is together!   Thanks for your patience as I work to get everything setup over here in Asia!  Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

- Todd Farr