Hello, World!

This seems a little out of place huh?  What is a Python Programming blog doing on a frame building website?  Well, truth be told I don't actually make a living building bicycles or producing frame building tools (surprise!), it's just always been a way for me to help other people afford a custom frameset or get started in the craft themselves.  My day to day profession is actually in manufacturing automation and building machine learning models to make sense of the massive amounts of data these systems can produce.  With this blog I'm hoping to share with another community I care deeply about and that is the programming and coding community.  I hope this will be informative and engaging source of information as I share some of my favorite libraries and snippets of code that I've found useful over the years.  I also hope this inspires people to learn more about the amazing and diverse Python programming language.     

So without further ado...

print("Hello, World!")

Happy Coding - Todd!