Kyle's Bike & The Steven Y. Dayley Memorial Ride

Last week I had a chance to finish Kyle's main Triangle and start on the rear and fork.  The bike is coming along swimmingly, and I'm excited that my process is becoming more efficient.  I'm glad that my Engineering background has allowed me to analyze what's actually happening when I braze or weld the tubes together, instead of just doing it blind.  This has allowed me to develope a method that is producing straight and strong frames right out from under the torch with minimal or no cold setting involved.  My Bringheli Jig improvements have also proven to be a success.  The setup and repeatability is quick and easy, and the frame is held much more securely than before!  I'm excited to offer these improvements to other builders using this jig in the near future.  

I also had a chance to participate in the Steven Y. Dayley memorial ride this last weekend. It's a beautiful ride in honor of a beautiful man through the beautiful Gifford National Forest on Mt. Adams.

From the website: "This ride is inspired by the memory of a great father, husband, grand father, and friend to all, Steven Y Dayley. While fighting brain cancer this past year of 2011, he inspired and raised the hopes for many family and friends in these trying times we are living through.  This ride is a time to celebrate not only his life, but to remember the great things we all may take for granted each day. Such as the blessing of our FAMILY, Friends, health, and many of the small things that we are surrounded with each day."