Blog, Blag, Blug

This week there was a line drawn in the sand.  Mother nature made it crystal clear that it's fall in the Pacific Northwest.  I rode my bike Thursday in nothing but shorts and a jersey, 80 degress, and today, 2 days later, I'm dressed like an ice fisherman on a lake in Siberia.  This year went by faster than the boy in the Incredibles family.  You know, that Pixar movie, I forget his name, and I am in hardcore blog mode.  When I blog I don't break for anything, not even to hop a tab to Google to find a bit of insignificant information like this.  You all know who he is, and you all know he's fast, and I used his speed to represent this summer...FAST.

Anyways,  the point of all this is that I'm sad.  Summer in Oregon, is like Disneyland with no lines.  Or Six Flags with no lines if you think Disneyland is too kiddy.  I had about a million things I wanted to do this summer and I think I made it to about 10 or 11.  However, on that list was launch FARR Frameworks!  CHECK!  It's been a bumpy ride, and a lot of work, but I am really excited how "farr" I've come.  The latest frame build came together swimmingly, Micheal Phelps swimmingly, not old people water-aerobics swimmingly.  With the addition of some new tooling, and me fine tuning my process, Kyle's Single Speedster flew together.  I'm excited that my Engineering and Lean Manufacturing knowledge has crossed over into my framebuilding.  I'm learning more about the craft everyday, which leads to new ideas on how to make it better and more efficient! 

On other fronts, it seems that my tooling efforts are starting to be recognized.  One of my favorite builder's Seth Rosko saw a tool I made for Jonathan Greene.  He mentioned that he liked what I was doing and wanted to order one.  Seriously SETH ROSKO. I kinda feel like a fanboy sometimes getting all excited when these guys contact me.

The tool he saw is guy who makes caveman noises, while lifting weights, looking at himself in the mirror.  Wait,, wrong tool, the tool he saw is a Milling machine mounted reamer for Head Tubes.  I'm super excited and humbled to be able to work with such a great community of builders, and people who I've looked up to as I have started this adventure.  It's also made me realize there is a need for this tool in the framebuilders market, so you can now order this Head Tube Reamer on the FARR Tooling Page.

Another tooling project I have going on is a Lug Vise for Brenton Bicyclettes in Thailand.  I made my first lug vise almost a year ago.  It's been holding down, and stretching lugs for me since then.  It's one of the most handy tools I have in my arsenal of FARR tooling, but there was a few thing I always wanted to change.   That's why I was excited when Pannakorn contacted me inquiring about how he could get his hands on one.  With the new redesign, I've decided to offer it through my website.  They will be built to order with about a 1-2 week turn around depending on how crazy my life is at the time. 

And finally, if you've made it this "farr" on the blogtown express, I first say thank you, I second give you a internet-virtual-high-five, and third give you the last order of business.  Sally Seafoam is undergoing a makeover, the kind you see on Montel and Ricky Lake.  Neil Cernitz, from Cernitz Bike, completed stage 1 by adding some beautiful white all over her seafoamy body.  Stage 2...well you will just have to wait and see.... 

With love for the craft - Todd.  


Sally Seafoam Teaser Shot...