Custom Tooling For Easkey Bikes

Sean Smith from Easkey Bikes is a good (internet) friend of mine and one of my first customers for custom tooling.  I say internet friend, but I feel like I know him in person.  He's a super nice guy.  He approached me with a new project in which he wanted two matching Bottom Bracket Posts and top caps so he could braze the boom arm on a Tandem Bike together.  He sent me over all the dimensions, and I turned this nice set of Posts/Caps for him out of Stainless Steel.   

As with all FARR Tooling each set of parts come with an official CAD Drawing as well as a machining tolerance checklist.  The checklist highlights key dimensions off the drawing and lists their tolerances and the actual measure part.  GREEN means good, YELLOW means the dimension was out of tolerance but it's out no more than 0.001" and it's not a key dimension (meaning the part will still function correctly), and RED well there is no RED, in that case I would make the part over!

That's all for this week.  Full week at my full-time job, and almost just as much doing bikes.  I'm taking some time off everything this weekend and just looking forward to some time with the lady.  See you next week, where I plan to hit the ground running again. 

 -Todd FARR.