I'm really excited about the things that are happening with FARR Frameworks.  I couldn't be happier with the support I am receiving from family and friends.  I have so many strong connections, and I've been so amazed how people have come together and help me achieve my goals.  

I'd like to personally thank Audrey Farley for her continued support, without her positive vibes I would have given up months ago (Starting something like this is a lot of work...).  She keeps me strong and keeps me going with words of encouragement and motivation. 

I would also like to thank Jeff Zimmerman for helping me with photography, he took time out of his busy schedule to put together some amazing shots for this website.  Check out his work at www.jeffzimmermanphotography.com.  I challenge anyone to produce better images with the resources we had.  His talent and eye for design and layout amaze me. 

In other happenings, I've been pushing the paperwork hard this week.  FARR Frameworks is officially an LLC, and I've managed to setup my first OEM account with one of my favorite component brands of all time Thomson.   Every FARR Road frame that is built up out of my shop will be spec'd with a Thomson X2 STEM / Elite Seatpost.  You will have the option to upgrade to the Masterpiece and also add the Carbon bars.   I am glad to have started this relationship early and I hope it will continue through the years. Thomson makes some of the nicest stuff on the market.  I do have some other OEM accounts in the works but I will wait until they are official. 

One more bit of news.  I will be getting a run of bottles made!  You will be able to buy them directly off the site.  They are going to compatable with the www.koalabottle.com system, something that I am very excited about.   Of course they will fit in regular cages as well... 

Thank you - Todd Farr